It’s a small(er) world

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It’s quite a few years since I formally retired and several since I officially became a pensioner so it’s perhaps excusable and unsurprising that I’m physically and intellectually less active than I used to be. This is not to say … Read More

Work in (perpetual) progress

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At long last the website is more or less finished and, hopefully, I can just tinker with it for quite some time to come. There are still lots of images to be added but I think the number of portfolios … Read More

Now you see it……

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When I was 9 or 10 years old, I had a routine medical examination at school. As far as I could tell, this showed up nothing of note – certainly, the doctor gave no indication that anything was untoward – … Read More

Old man going

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To some extent, the deterioration caused by age is inevitable – we simply have little a priori indication of how fast it will proceed or how much impact it will have. There is, after all, no question as to the final … Read More

Crystal ball gazing

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If you’ve visited this site recently (September 1 2016), you may have noticed quite a few changes: this is the result of the apparent corruption of a number of files which was detected by my service provider. Quite what the … Read More

A big thank you

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On a bright sunny French morning in early July, a huge weight descended painfully across my upper body and I suddenly felt very unwell. A few minutes passed but nothing improved and I realised that, completely out of the blue, I … Read More

Middlesex University RIP

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I left Middlesex University over a year ago but still receive enquiries from time to time. If you are such an enquirer, I invite you to read this post. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and, although I would … Read More

Ages of coast, ages of man

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Some people refer to parts of the Dorset shore as the “Jurassic Coast”. I’m writing this sitting close to the spectacular coast of North Devon. I use the term “spectacular” since, around here the rocks are tilted and twisted from … Read More

Travels with Max

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The late WG “Max” Sebald wrote what some critics regarded as a spectactularly depressing book, “The Rings of Saturn” about his travels through Suffolk. However, as was so often the case with his work, all is not quite as it … Read More

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