A question of sport

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The present English government has, as many will know, embarked upon a stern and unyielding programme of draconian cuts in public spending, citing economic neccessity as justification. While this may or may not be true, what is remarkable is the … Read More

Kings of the wild frontier

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How sweetly ironic that the Wikileaks saga is showing that governments in general seem unwilling to subject themselves to the same scrutiny that they demand of those they rule. Invasive body scanners, uncontrolled use of CCTV, electronic eavesdropping and the … Read More

The thrill of the chase

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There are forms and degrees of paradise and, in search of the transcendence for which we seek them out, we approach them with expectations that are sometimes appropriate but that are more often distorted by undue idealism, ignorance or insistence … Read More

On the turning away

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One of my favourite authors is the late Clifford Simak. He remains best known for his unique approach to fiction writing, combining some of the precepts of hardcore science fiction with a humanely pastoral approach to the ways in which … Read More

The magic notebook

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Many of those of us who, usually mistakenly, believe that our spontaneous thoughts are of some intrinsic merit, carry notebooks through whose agency our ideas are intended to be immortalised. Some of us even bear the conceit that, when we … Read More

The beginning of a great adventure

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In a few weeks time, my family and I are off to Australia for a couple of months of intensive cross-continental travel. This will be our third visit to this astonishing place and one in which we hope to see … Read More

A line in the sand

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I retired from my permanent academic job some two years ago and so it is that the last student cohort that I admitted is now on the verge of departure. This milestone represents a final severing of links with this … Read More

The blank page

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We often talk of “turning over a new leaf” with relish. The prospect of a fresh start is almost always an attractive one: the opportunity to renew one’s creativity is presented and indeed symbolised by a new sheet. Whether it … Read More

A long silence

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Sometimes there’s too much to say and sometimes there’s too little – excess verbosity oddly but easily becomes what we popularly know as “writer’s block”. The creation of content that has some limited but superficial meaning remains possible but content … Read More

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