Go not gentle into that good night

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I once wrote a post which began “no-one told me that I was terminally ill….”. As events have turned out, a piece that was about generalised fear and its origins proved to be prescient. Last week I was diagnosed with … Read More

Did he fall or ……

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I was taking our large and boisterous dog out for a walk the other day when he decided to greet the old lady who lives across the street. He greets people with tremendous enthusiasm and, since he’s  a powerful mutt, … Read More

Old fart at play

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There are innumerable literary perpectives upon the subject of autumn, many of them metaphorical. As the nights become earlier and colder the prospect of book and armchair becomes ever more alluring and the consideration of literary procedures becomes a seasonally … Read More

A man who fell to earth

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At a height of around 100,000 feet, the sky is pretty much black, the Earth is predominantly blue and the curvature of the horizon is quite apparent. To all intents and purposes, save for the continued presence of gravity, one … Read More

JG Ballard – a brief farewell

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Ballard was not quite unique but the company he kept is indicative of his stature. I don’t mean his connections with Alldis, Moorcock or Sinclair but rather his almost unique quality of adjectivisation: Shakespeare begat Shakespearean, Swift begat Swiftian, Dickens … Read More

National treasures

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Consider if you will the words “worth” and “price”. On the face of things, they’re of quite similar meaning. “Worth” means the value and, by implication, what something costs ie. it’s price: “price” measures what we’re willing to pay for … Read More

Radio radio

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A recent radio news item reminded me of an oddly unsettling experience. In the summer of 2007, my book “Fundamentals of Sonic Arts” had just been published and was generating a gratifying amount of response. I was contacted by Michael … Read More

Speaking in tongues

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One of the advantages of having a day job in academe is the people with whom one gets to work – not the apalling managements but the genuine academics: the older I get, the more I find myself in awe … Read More

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