I was the sole author of this book, published by AVA Books in 2007.

Publisher’s blurb

The application of sound to other media (such as film or video) is well known – we call it sound design – and the idea of sound as a medium in it’s own right (such as radio) is widely accepted. However, the idea that sound could also be a distinct art form by itself is less well established and often misunderstood. The Fundamentals of Sonic Art and Sound Design sets out to introduce, describe and begin the process of defining this new subject and to provide a starting point for anyone who has an interest in the creative uses of sound.

In this book, we explore the worlds of sonic art and sound design through their history and development as distinct subjects. We look at the present state of these extraordinarily diverse genres through the works and words of established artists and through an examination of the wide range of practices that currently come under the heading of “sonic arts”.

We examine the technologies used and the impact that these have on works of sonic art, consider new and radical approaches to sound recording, performance, installation works and exhibition and visit the worlds of the sonic artist and the sound designer.

Any new subject can be difficult to approach so, as well as showing newcomers the scope and possibilities that sonic art can offer, this book helps provide useful resources for further study and practice.

You can find this book here.