This book, edited by Mine Dogantan Dack, was published by Middlesex University Press in 2008. I contributed a chapter – jointly written with my colleague John Dack – entitled “A Sense of Place  : a Sense of Space” which was developed from our 2004 joint conference paper of the same name.

Publisher’s blurb

Recorded Music: Philosophical and Critical Reflections is an important new work published by Middlesex University Press that brings together a collection of international experts to explore philosophical and critical issues surrounding music recordings. Edited by the Chair of the Music Research Group at Middlesex University, Dr. Mine Dogantan Dack, the book addresses questions relating to tempora, recorded time, spatiality, musical reality, intertextuality and more.

Whilst a number of books to date have documented the changing performance styles and the impact of technology on performance traditions through study of recordings, Recorded Music: Philosophical and Critical Reflections is the first to address philosophical and critical questions pertaining to recordings in the form of an anthology. The book brings together the perspectives of practising musicians, musicologists, sound artists and recording engineers on the philosophical and critical issues related to their work in the context of making and using recordings.

Fully illustrated with musical examples, this book will be of interest to musicologists, ethnomusicologists and practising musicians involved in Western art music, jazz, popular music and world music, as well as being of interest to sound artists and recording engineers.

You can find this book here.