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Some of you may have seen a letter in the Guardian newspaper dated 21 December announcing the formation of “Artists of the Resistance” as part of a broader “Coalition of Resistance” in opposition to the policies of the UK Con-Dem regime. Here is the text of that letter:

“Len McCluskey calls for a “broad strike movement” to stop the coalition’s “explicitly ideological” programme of cuts. Government cuts are decimating education, welfare, health, sports and the arts. We are told that they are inevitable; that the only choice we have is between music classes for our kids or care for our elderly. We do not accept that jobs, services and the quality of life have to be jettisoned for the greed of those who are asked to sacrifice nothing. Everything that is not immediately of use to the corporate agenda is to be placed on a pay-as-you-go principle. Meanwhile funding for theatre, film, music and other arts projects is to return to the Victorian notion of finding patrons, drawn from the people who have their own agendas. In the face of those who exercise their power to destroy, we need to create. We urge all those who work in the arts to join us at “Artists of the Resistance” in opposing the cuts.

Iain Banks Writer, Peter Kennard Visual artist, AL Kennedy Writer, Miriam Margolyes Actor, Michael Rosen Author and poet, Martin Rowson Cartoonist, Janet Suzman Actor, Timberlake Wertenbaker Playwright and 69 others”

I do hope that you’ll offer your support to this worthy campaign. You can find out more here.

And now, a little cheer in this bleakest of midwinters: if you enjoy it, you can get your own copy from i-Tunes so. if you didn’t buy a loved one “Cage against the Machine as a Xmas gift (and why not, may I ask ?), this is the best way to assuage your (rightly) guilty conscience and do some good in the process !

” In the face of those who choose to exercise their power to destroy we need to create.”

David Wilson

Artists of the Resistance